exo.ther.mic: the release of energy in the form of heat
X.O.ther.mi.a: The spot in Black Rock City where this happens

November 12, 2006

Things have been a little quiet in the XOthermia realm because I've been using Picasa as my new photo vault. You can check out all the latest photos here!

June 08, 2005

Once again XOthermia raised up from the Playa, this time at Utah's Regional Burn 2005. We joined together with lots of great people, killer talent, and amazing spirit to form the Straight On Til Morning camp. Just added lots of photos from the event - they are in no particular order, so check them all out here!

February 06, 2005

Utah is home to one of Robert Smithson's Earthworks that we finally visited today - here are some photos of The Spiral Jetty

October 24, 2004

Just added photos from a great weekend in Lake Powell (Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Southern Utah).

September 12, 2004

Our Burning Man 2004 photos are now up - enjoy!