How It Began

They met one night in the middle of Black Rock City, Nevada. A mutual friend introduced them (OK, he deserves name credit: Colin Vincent--yes, THE Colin Vincent!) as they headed toward a geodesic dome tent pumping out techno tunes. Heather was wearing vinyl and fur and a smile, Bruce was wearing leather and goggles and a smile, and both were covered with playa dust. How could they not connect?

The Fiya on the Playa

The seeds for XOthermia were planted when Bruce commented that when he and Heather first met there was an exothermic reaction. They thought it would make a great name for a camp at Burning Man, a hot and energetic place if ever there was one, and also for a Web site chronicling their adventures together.

The XO in the name symbolizes love, and drawn right it also looks like the Man. Coincidence?? Hmmm?