XOthermia Are:

Bruce Johnson—A computer game developer by day, when the sun goes down (and after a quick gym session) this 6’5” Viking dons his Diesel duds and hits the town. He's suave. He's charismatic. He's always smiling. He created the Tigger, a dance no one can imitate. His Alaskan Husky Bandit says "I wuv you" and his other dog, Yoda, says "wah wah wah." Bruce likes to build stuff and tear stuff down and build other stuff. We call it creativity! He's always on the go and always excited about something, but he also likes to indulge in a bendy-stretchy yoga session followed by a relaxing hot tub with friends. That is, when he's not headed for a weekend in Vegas or Seattle or Moab or San Francisco or ... . Bruce has recently taught himself digital photography and photomanipulation, and his keen natural eye and creativity will be showcased on this site.

Heather Johnson—A technology editor and camera-case-carrier, Heather is originally a Berkeley girl, an Aries, a redhead, part Irish, and part Italian. We prefer the term "fiery" rather than “insane.” She loves her man, his dogs (now hers--her babies), her Bimmer, her biker boots, faux fur, glam rock, cooking, and crosswords. She likes the nightlife; she likes to boogie. She's addicted to travel, especially to sunny places. She made her living in San Francisco and London as a magazine editor, but after moving to Salt Lake City she got into tech editing for a startup sales research company with a bright future. Since moving to Salt Lake she has taken up yoga and gardening (hahahahaha) and has also learned to speak Husky: "What's up, doggies? Are you hungry? Want some foodies? Fooooodies?? Where’s yer ball! Go gitcher ball! Go git it!" Her dreams of being a fashion designer and rock star are realized one week a year at Burning Man.